• Refurbished Mac & Windows PCs –  We stock gently used Apple and different Windows 7 & Windows 8 PC laptops, but the selection changes every day! All refurbished computers carry our in-store warranty*. Call to find out what we have in stock! 212-674-3111
  • AC Power Adapters – We carry power supplies for most laptop computer makes and models in stock.
  • Cords, Cables, Connectors  – many, many kinds!!!
  • Computer Accessories – Everything else you need! Hard drives, USB flash drives, web-cams, microphones, speakers, keyboards, routers, mice (mouses?), computer cleaning supplies, lots of cables, and much more.
  • Locator Service – If you’re looking for something we don’t have in stock, we can help you find it.




*Refurbished Laptop Warranty. We offer a 60-day warranty on all refurbished computers we sell, unless specifically noted otherwise. Our warranty guarantees that the computer will operate as promised, or we will fix or replace it with a comparable model, at our discretion. Our warranty covers all of the parts and components of the computer, excluding the battery. All requests for warranty service or replacement must be accompanied by a receipt. The warranty does not cover damage sustained after the time of purchase, including, but not limited to, cracked display, missing keys, water/liquid damage, droppage or mistreatment, viruses or other software configuration errors, or any other physical damage. The Little Laptop Shop has sole discretion to determine if damage was incurred post-purchase.